Menu / concept creation

The people at Denver Food Group have created LTO's, Permanent Menu Items, and Product Platforms for some of the largest names in Foodservice.  We also have created brand new concepts from the ground floor and been involved in everything from idea to complete and opened restaurant.



New product ideas are seldom revolutionary; they are mostly evolutionary.  Idea generation develops from the knowledge of the consumer, the market, the technology, and it creates newness in product, production and marketing.


Idea generation is strategic and not left to chance, Ideas can come from “blue skies” research or from key stakeholders, but in product development these are systematically developed into innovations for the company and the marketplace.  


Idea generation occurs not only at the initial stages in developing product concepts but throughout the project – in the design of the product, package, process, and in developing the overall marketing strategy. 


In idea generation, the field is kept wide so that no possible innovations are ignored, but it is focused within the aim of the project.  


Product Optimization

At DFG, we don’t only guide you in the right direction, we can also execute on that direction.  With over 40 years in the Product Development, QA, and Supply Chain functions between us, we can assist with any of your development needs.


To Include:

  • Product Development
  • Product Cost Optimization
  • QA Auditing Suppliers
  • QA Threshold Testing
  • Food Showings for Suppliers/Customers
  • Sensory Testing

Concept Testing

Once an Idea is born, we need to discover if it has any potential.


Concept testing involves testing an “idea”, whether that idea is a short description of a product line extension; or a new product line with a unique positioning.  All concepts are created with a written description and a rough illustration or photograph.


Through our Denver Food Group concept testing we are able to provide direction around which products have universal appeal, which might have a unique niche opportunity, and which should no longer be considered; or redrafted for future testing.  


When multiple concepts are being considered, we utilize a unique tournament method of testing to not only deliver a rank-order of the popularity of the new ideas, but also a Power score indicating how much more attractive the top concepts are vs some of the less desirable concepts.

Volume Estimating:

We can also provide a volume estimate for any new concept we test.



Annual Product Fit

Are you worried that your menu or products aren’t keeping up with the ever-changing trends and taste’s of your consumers?

Do you ever wonder if, operationally, you are executing consistently?

Do you want better satisfaction scores without a huge investment in new menu items or LTO’s?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, and Annual Product Fit test is for you.

We test every menu item annually with your consumers, utilizing JAR scoring as well as Chip Analysis, to guide development and tweak existing items to increase satisfaction.