strategic planning

A strategic plan helps refine and laser focus your organizations decision making capabilities.  By having a simple mission, vision, and brand positioning, yet large enough to sustain meaningful business, you will be able to quickly and efficiently prioritize your activities and make decisions based on your future, not on your present.



Brand positioning establishes the core benefit upon which the brand stands apart.  It enables the company to build competitive advantage.

The hallmark of an effective positioning strategy is in how it simplifies the customer’s purchase decision.

We use is a disciplined process that combines in-depth analysis with creative insight to produce a unique brand positioning that builds competitive advantage.



Companies and brands face an increasingly difficult market with consumers wielding more power than ever before.  It is no longer enough to communicate why your brand or product is superior.  Instead, the individual consumer expects to be told why your brand or product fits their needs.  Continually understanding those consumer needs, allows companies to target messaging toward the individual.

Benefits of Brand Tracking

  • Identify ‘at risk’ customers
  • Quickly see trends
  • Find common problems
  • Hold employees accountable
  • Encourage a ‘customer-first’ culture
  • Discover happy customer advocates